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Hello deviants! My employer is looking for an exceptionally detailed  artist to draw the cover of his new mixtape "The Cure". The artwork would have a 18th century type of feel to it, very dark in nature. The artist must be able to digitally scan the drawing as well. Our payment cap will max out at 200 usd, so if you feel the need to charge more this is not the commission for you.

Now for the details:

-The cover will based in a old hospital, the background will depict failed experiments of the cure therefore you will see dead bodies of some sort . The two main characters on the cover will me the doctor administering "the cure" (my employers producer) and the patient strapped to the chair (my employer).

-The doctor will be injecting a green serum with music notes inside the syringe into the patient's right arm. The doctor will have a almost satisfied sinister facial expression, while the patient will have fogged over white eyes with his head slightly tilted up as a green smoke spews from his gaping mouth with punchlines  from a few songs will be in some way inserted.

-The doctor will have on a white labcoat stained with the blood of his failed experiments, as well as white latex gloves. He will also have one of those white surgical caps on. The syringe he will be injecting into the patient will be big enough to use two hands.

-The patient will be wearing bloody wool tee-shirt and shorts. 

for SERIOUS inquires please contact me ONLY through email so that I may reply to you faster. My email is The deadline is next week Friday so please email as soon as possible .


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Khalid person
United States
My name is khalid person iam a manga writer and someday my work will be seen around the world... If only I had the perfect artist to be my partner and make it with me, no telling how far we would make it.

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